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Who We Are?!

APPSPLUG SOFTWARE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a research based EdTech startup incorporated on March 2017, located in Chennai, India developing creative applications that fosters quality learning through technology. From day one, as a B2B education technology startup company, we have been keenly involved us to find the possible ways to make the K-12 and higher education learning more accessible, simplified, personalized, scalable and interesting to everyone across the world. Based on the research, we found the idea that if today's technology is being utilized at the right place, only 2 to 5% of existing human resources is enough to provide quality education across any K-12 school, school district, college, institute, university, state or country. It's been more than 2.5 exciting years since we have started developing this idea into a 100% working solution. As a result we are at the final stages of bundling our idea, technology and other materials together to make it as a comprehensive SaaS based blended learning solution under the brand name RankUpturn, to make your teaching and learning more simplified, interesting, personalized, scalable, engaged and seamlessly accessible from anywhere, anytime.

21st Century Blended Learning Solution

RankUpturn is the first in its kind to implement this comprehensive blended learning solution in EdTech sector which utilize only 2 to 5% of existing human resources to make quality learning is seamlessly accessible to everyone across your K-12 school, school district, institute, state or country. This security and privacy centric 21st century blended learning solution helps you or your entity to automate your classroom and curriculum activities for an entire academic year or any desired period of time. The highly scalable SaaS based classroom automation tool on AWS with well crafted Learning Management System (LMS) help the institutes and instructors to create and automate classroom or curriculum activities, centrally monitor and tune the performance of every individual (including teacher) of your institution, and drive your entire force to the learning objectives. Institutes and instructors can automate everything, free-up more than 45% of time, make creative materials, apply best practices, collaborate and get closely connected to the classroom from anywhere, anytime, particularly during this difficult times with COVID19!

Classroom and Curriculum Automation

RankUpturn is a good fit for both regular and online classroom environment. Beyond your classroom walls, you as a teacher can meet and teach your students, share learning resources, communicate and manage activity records in real time as you do in your traditional classroom. Be it a lesson, homework, assignment, summative assessment, formative assessment, activity records management or any curriculum task, you can automate almost every classroom and curriculum activities, so you can free-up more time to find more creative teaching ideas and materials that makes your teaching more influential, regardless of your availability in the physical classroom. Through RankUpturn services, as a school district, school, institute or teacher, you can design and materialize your curriculum, convert your ideas into classroom learning materials, automate the academic activities, maintain and analyze student responses, personalize and optimize the content delivery over time, maintain academic activity records, centrally monitor and tune the performance of everyone of institution, find and bridge the learning gaps, and significantly reduce the overhead expenses effectively. The creative tools and resources of RankUpturn keep your classroom more interesting, engaged and productive always.

In the ever changing sector of information technology, as a B2B education startup company, we are more agile and responsive to deliver most innovative solutions to provide the best learning experience in the classroom. At Appsplug Software India Private Limited, from the day one, we are continuously analyzing the possibility of solutions with technology to provide everyone an equal access to quality learning, personalized learning experience and significantly reduced overall expenses. As a result, we make sure you are well connected to your classroom and academic activities from anywhere, anytime regardless of whether rotation, fully online, regular or blended mode classroom for K-12 or higher education. For us there is nothing happier than if we can free-up little time for teachers and students to enjoy their personal life too, yet fulfilling the learning objectives 5x times.

As a B2B EdTech startup company, we can proudly say that we are the first to turn this idea into a 100% working solution which utilize 2 to 5% of existing teacher resources to provide everyone access to quality learning, significantly reduce the overall expenses, remarkably saving everyone's time, take the complete burden off of each student individually spending on third party learning resources, and yet fulfilling the learning gaps 5x times. RankUpturn, a 100% Indian made 21st century BLENDED LEARNING SOLUTION, with more than 60% of female powered workforce is all set to be launched on or before October 18, 2020!

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